February 02, 2013



I just finished making a necklace and a ring! I was so bored then I opened my treasure box (re: my DIY tools box). Aaand here they are..

I made them by a rope, knitting thread, a ring and Leggos :)


So sorry I forgot to capture the making steps. Next, I will post the making steps too, so you guys can also make it! ;)

I just want to share that when you make a DIY stuff, all you need is this glue :

It works so fast and whenever it glued, it will stick super strongly (so be careful with your hand). It works like super glue. But when you put it on a fabric, it will issue a bit of smoke. Thats ok, but dont glued it too much. I prefer this glue (I usually call it as 'lem korea') than using a glue gun in making a DIY stuffs.

Have A Great February!

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