January 20, 2013

Gogirl! Magazine January 2013 Edition Review


I have been reading this magazine for 5 years! I love this magazine because it is very inspiring and informative :)

Nah.. sekarang gue akan memberi sedikit review dan share tentang majalah Gogirl! edisi Januari 2013 'Pop Writing Issue'.

Enjoy ;)

Sesuai dengan issue yang diangkat, Gogirl! Januari 2013 memang very informative khususnya hal-hal mengenai menulis dan proses kreatifnya serta tahap-tahap sampai akhirnya ingin diterbitkan. Tapi disamping itu, seperti biasa ada juga artikel-artikel lain yang ngga kalah menarik dan informatifnya. Untuk fashion, ngga usah dipertanyakan lagi.. Gogirl! is very  good at presenting fashion things :)  

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Thats all my review :) Semoga bermanfaat! 
Maaf nih kalo misalnya tulisannya ngga bagus atau gimana.. maklum pemula heheh :p 
Too all writers, you must read this edition of Gogirl! Magazine. Worth it!!


January 19, 2013

Creative Space for Creative Ideas

HUAAAAAHH!! I just passed final semester tests. Since I am an architecture student, I do not sit in a class and writing on a paper test with lecturer in front of the class. In this semester my final project is creating a space for an artist, any kind of artist. And my artist is a Journalistic Photographer named Arbain Rambey. I did an interview with my group before designing the space.

Richard, Faris, Pelangi, Mr. Arbain Rambey, Me, Antya, Eka

And its a looooong loong step until I had my final design and did a presentation. But, Alhamdulillah I did everything without any big problem.

January 18, 2013

January 16, 2013

I Have A Dream


Well, i've been busy with my architecture student organization. And when I refresh my brain by visited some of DIY blogs, I was thinking and wondering how if after I finished my college, I'll have a DIY concept store with 'one of a kind' stuffs that I made by myself (and my heart :3). So, people will have a cool stuff(s) that he or she the only person that has it.


Bismillah, whatever I'll be, I'll do my best and make all who know and love me proud :)

Have a great day everyone <3

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