October 28, 2012

EyeSugar! #1

Pictures which when I look at make me feel inspire, happy, love, and think creative. I want someone out there get those feeling too 


Senapan dan Mawar

9:53, satu tugas lagi sampai akhirnya uts dinyatakan selesai..
tapi mager, males, pusing, mau leyeh-leyeh.

kapan libur?

Guns n roses t-shirt | Mom's skirt and necklace

October 26, 2012


Meet UP!

My first UP Shoes has arrived!!

It is super duper comfort <3 I loveeee it!
*October wish accomplished*

I am a proud sister

My sister  is starting her career as a make up artist. She is real talented! And she decided to have a blog to share her works to people. And she ask me if I could design a blog header for her. And today is Ied Adha holiday and I am bored with all my college tasks, so I made these for her :D

Link to her blog soon ;)

October 13, 2012


Arsitektur UI 2002- Arsitektur UI 2011
Beda tahun, semoga nanti bisa sukses juga..
walaupun bukan di bidang akting 


He is real handsome!! ;) 

October 06, 2012

Big Opportunity ♥


I'm so so happy that I will be one of UI Fashion Week 2013 Crew and I am picked out from hundreds of applicants! :____D

Semoga dapat melaksanakan tanggung jawab dan mendapatkan pengalaman luar biasa :D